Randy Fernando.

Randy Fernando

Adjunct Instructor | Department of Architecture
50 Parker Hall | (716) 829-5900

Randy Fernando is an emerging designer and artist, focusing on work that synergizes neuroscience, sociological behavior, and architecture. He received his MArch degree in 2018 from the University at Buffalo, after completing his thesis, Visualizing The Cypher: Networking Relationships of Temporal Dance Environments and publishing Intersight 20: Interrelations of Process. Fernando then moved on to work as an architectural designer at NYC based firm, Heitler Houstoun Architects.

As a multifaceted practitioner, Fernando, intends to explore performative and interactive architecture through mediums of advanced technologies and material innovation. His research and personal projects include creating immersive environments that challenge the stimuli of the audience while pushing forward proactive agendas that affect diverse community needs. His projects cross-pollinate various philosophies in an attempt to create new relationships and identify new mediums of design exploration.

Fernando’s newly founded practice, MOV.E, promotes research that tackles a variety of social, cultural, and political topics through design-build initiatives. The studio offers a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment that fosters the exchange of knowledge and skills. More notably, MOV.E has collaborated with NYC company, InstaShow, to create an immersive deep-sea exhibition that resonates with issues of sustainability in the ocean environment. Ocean Cube, the undersea-themed pop-up, has received various accounts of recognition through the New York Times, CBS New York, and NBC New York. The exhibition has partnered with various companies including Samsung, Bloomingdales, and The Lions NY to continue promoting its message. MOV.E is set to continue research in exploring neurological reactions to architectural elements including color, materiality, and acoustics.