Shawn Lewis

Adjunct Professor
Department of Architecture

Graduating from UB's BS in Architecture department program in 2013, Chiki spent most of their 20's bouncing between cities, collaborations, experiments, and mediums. 

Shawn Lewis.

Always zipping between designing multimedia experiences has led Chiki to produce various projects integrating interactive sound and light installations, digital multi-media animations, touring music & theatre productions, set design, interactive websites, and now most recently 3D printing and virtual reality sculpting.

During the first years of the pandemic, when all in-person venues and theatrical opportunities had shut their doors, Chiki escaped by means of virtual reality world-building. Since then, Chiki has practiced the art of 'Conjured Reality', using 3D printers to materialize structures and spaces first designed and lived-in VR before it is 'actually' created. 

Happily, along with teaching ARC122 at the University at Buffalo, Chiki runs a 3D printing makerspace and teaches design at the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology. Always evolving in their practices, Chiki chases the unexplored with a tendency for maximalism, abstraction, creative storytelling, and unbound energy.