Ambreen Rehman-Veal

Ambreen Rehman-Veal.

Ms. Ambreen Rehman-Veal is first generation immigrant to the United States of America from Pakistan. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan in 1999. Her Master degree (2005) is in Public Administration from California State University San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California. Ms. Rehman-Veal’s work experience includes working at California State University San Bernardino as a researcher, consultant and a parttime faculty member. Ms. Rehman-Veal has an honor to be selected for California State University Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP), Grant for Ph.D. Her research interest is “Low Income Housing” and  “Affordable Housing”. Her research aims to identify the factors which make the low income housing less affordable to its intended population. 

The research and work I wish to accomplish in the future requires sophisticated levels of organization and analysis. The Doctor of Philosophy in Urban and Regional planning at University at Buffalo, offers state of the art research and has an impressive diversity of innovative topics currently addressed by both students and faculty members. 

Research Interests

The focus of my research is affordable housing in cities. The objective of my research is to find the factors that contributed towards making housing less affordable for urban population. This proposed study recognizes that it is important to study the forces involved, which make the communities lose their low-income status. At the same time, strive to understand the factors which make communities more resilient, and they succeed as affordable housing communities. I propose to study city of Lahore, Pakistan for this purpose. The driving force behind my planned research is the belief that a family should have access to affordable housing as well as to the basic amenities such as clean streets, sewer system, and a reasonable commuting distance to work. The success of neighborhoods as low-income communities should not be a myth for millions of people in the developing as well as developed world.

This research project will collect data from housing communities built in metropolis, Lahore, Pakistan over the last forty years. This proposed study will identify the low-income housing in relatively new communities and study to what extent their status as low-income housing is maintained, or these communities have lost this status over the years.

The phase 1 of this study will use survey questionnaires to collect existing data about the housing schemes (housing communities). This study will involve limited door-to-door surveys in five newly developed housing communities of Lahore. The Phase 2 of this research will analyze the collected data. This phase will include the analysis of existing policies and the procedures of allocation and distribution of housing units within these housing schemes. 


  • Degree: B.Sc. - City and Regional Planning. Institution: University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore , Pakistan Year: 1999
  • Degree:  M.P.A - Master of Public Administration. Institution: California State University San Bernardino, California. Year : 2005