exhibition space in palazzo mora.

"Buffalo Constructing Buffalo: From Olmsted to Van Valkenburgh," installed at the Time Space Existence exhibition in Venice's historic Palazzo Mora. Photos by gerda studio.

The following is a bibliography for materials included as part of the "Buffalo Constructing Buffalo: From Olmsted to Van Valkenburgh" exhibition at Time Space Existence, in Venice, Italy. These include a video on Imagine LaSalle produced by John Paget’s First + Main Films, as well as the planning reports, technical drawings and studies associated with Imagine LaSalle. Copies of the city’s full planning framework reveal the collective vision for Buffalo’s future.


Produced by First+Main Films
Director: John Paget
Producer: Carolyn Human
Cinematography: John Paget and Tom Warner


Imagine LaSalle Studies and Reports

Imagine LaSalle: A Community Vision for Buffalo's LaSalle Park, 2018
Community vision report prepared by the UB Regional Institute

Managing High-Quality Park Environments: Models and Lessons from Selected Parks in New York City, Chicago, and Cincinnati, 2020, A precedent study prepared by Dr. Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah, with support from Professor Robert G. Shibley, Dr. Bradshaw Hovey, and Research Assistants Dalanda Jalloh, Nina Zesky, and Kennedy Alexis

Design Development drawing set
Design documents prepared by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Shoreline Design – 15 December 2020
Progress report prepared by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Playground Design – 22 October 2020
Progress report prepared by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Context: Related Plans and Reports

Queen City Hub: A Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo (Vol. 1 Overview and Vol. 2 The Work Plan), The Urban Design Project with The City of Buffalo and Buffalo Place Inc, Buffalo, NY, 2003, 153 pages.

Queen City in the 21st Century – Buffalo's Comprehensive Plan, Shibley, R., Hovey, B., Carter, D. and Sheffer, J. City of Buffalo: NY, 2006, 125 pages. Prepared by a team led by the School of Architecture and Planning's Urban Design Project (now merged with UBRI) and the Regional Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth (now UBRI).

Queen City Waterfront, Buffalo Waterfront Corridor Initiative: A Strategic Plan for Transportation Improvement, Shibley, R., Schneekloth, L. and Hovey, B., Editors, The Urban Design Project and Wendel, Buffalo, NY: City of Buffalo, 2007, 108 pages.

The Olmsted City: The Buffalo Olmsted Park System: Plan for the 21st Century, Shibley, R., and Schneekloth, L. (Eds.) The Urban Design Project, School of Architecture and Planning, The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy: Buffalo, NY, 2008, 188 pages.

Olmsted in Buffalo and Niagara, Schneekloth, L., Shibley, R., and Yots, T., The Urban Design Project, School of Architecture and Planning (Western New York Wares, Inc.): Buffalo, NY, 2011, 108 pages.

A Strategy for Prosperity in Western New York, WNY Regional Economic Development Council, with support from the Brookings Institute and the UBRI, November 2011, 64 pages. A series of annual progress reports have been produced since 2011 reporting on this plan's progress and its companion Buffalo Billion Investment Plan 2012-2019.

One Region Forward: A New Way to Plan for Buffalo Niagara, Regional Plan for Sustainable Development, prepared by the UBRI and the School of Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, NY, 2014, 163 pages.

Annual report for East Side Avenue Initiative: The Start of Something Big on Buffalo's East Side, UBRI, prepared by the UB Regional Institute, Buffalo, NY, 2020, 59 pages.