Digital Internships

a student works on a digital sketching tool.

Employers: Have you considered offering internships digitally? UB architecture, urban planning and real estate development students offer unique skill sets to support your operations during this challenging time.

As organizations and businesses contend with the many challenges of transitioning activities while we social distance, the students from the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning are here to help.

Our students are enrolled in academic programs in Architecture, Environmental Design, Urban Planning, Real Estate Development, and Historic Preservation. They come with diverse talents, expertise, and a passion to contribute to the places and spaces in our city, region, and beyond. 

Whether you had planned to bring on an intern previously or are dealing with new challenges that could benefit from a unique skill set, we encourage you to give our students consideration. As true digital natives, they are comfortable working online, across social media, and multiple virtual conferencing tools. With their coursework moving online, they are gaining firsthand experience communicating and collaborating remotely and are eager to help you do the same.

How our students can help:

  • Support social media and other forms of outreach needed to stay engaged with your partners and constituents
  • Help navigate digital communication and engagement strategies for your team
  • Assist with numerous project-related tasks including scoping, data collection, analysis, documentation, and more
  • Support the outreach and organization of online meetings, social events, and community engagement sessions
  • Structure online presentations through Powerpoint or other platforms 
  • Tackle special research projects needed to transition for changing conditions and challenging economic conditions
  • Develop renderings, 3D visualizations, infographics

 If you are interested in reaching our students, please fill out the Exploring Digital Internships form.

For more information please contact:

Elaine Chow
(Architecture, Environmental Design, and Historic Preservation)

Bart Roberts
(Urban Planning and Real Estate Development)