Big to Small

A pop-up exhibition of drawings documenting Buffalo’s most curious vernacular: the telescope houses of the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood

"Telescoping" houses have several additions off the back, each one a little smaller than the one before it.

Featured drawing by student Alyson Holahan

Friday, December 14th
6 pm-8 pm
Torn Space Theater
612 Filmore Ave

From the front, it’s a simple worker’s cottage—a one-and-a-half-story, gable-fronted, clapboard house. Yet from the side, a charming surprise is revealed—a series of successive additions, each one stepping down in scale from the last—big to small. And while Buffalo is not the only home to the phenomenon of the so-called “telescope house,” nowhere else is it as ubiquitous an urban form.

This fall, Gregory Delaney, clinical assistant professor of architecture at the University at Buffalo, worked with thirteen graduate students to study the telescope houses of the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood through drawing. The work celebrates the houses and their peculiarities as a means to reveal stories of human life, occupation, and adaptation through time, and to promote greater discussion around the history, people, and architecture of Buffalo’s East Side.

Please join us for a pop-up exhibition of these drawings. The event is free and open to the public (cash bar open at Mickie's).

Featuring work by MArch students:

Hadi Al-Jabi-Lopez
Tierra Bush
Laura Carless
Surabhi Dhopeshwarkar
Thomas Foederer
Yasmiry Hiciano
Alyson Holahan
Felicia Kiblin
Sylvester Mallardi
Katherine Martell
Evan Martinez
Kajal Patel
Rutuja Shinde