LIGHT/STATION and Manmade Earth

Torn Space Theater and the School of Architecture and Planning present dual performances that bring audience together with light, sound and performance art in the context of Buffalo's cityscape.

Nov. 16-18, 2018
Torn Space Theater
612 Fillmore Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14212

The events are presented as part of the 2018 Response Festival, Torn Space Theater's annual series of original contemporary performance by local and internationally-recognized artists. Support has been provided by UB's Creative Arts Initiative.

Light/Station on Buffalo's East Side was designed by Christopher Romano as a design studio, green room and conference facility for Buffalo's Torn Space Theater. Photo by Christopher Romano


A meditative walk-through performance designed by Torn Space Theater that leads from the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle, through the historic Polonia neighborhood where sculpture, sound design, light and live performance guide the audience to the towering St. Stanislaus Church for a private concert. This creative collaboration between Torn Space and Christopher Romano, designer of LIGHT/STATION, allows Torn Space to reimagine their new space, a dynamic metal-clad design studio and conference space that opened last year on Buffalo's East Side.  

Daily performances start at 5:30 pm, Nov. 16-18

Tickets: Fri/Sat ($100) (Friday and Saturday performances include a locally-prepared meal in the Mickiewicz speakeasy, and admission to 600 Highwayman’s MANMADE EARTHSun ($25)

Manmade Earth

A new show in development, and the product of a three-week residency by internationally-acclaimed 600 HIGHWAYMEN, Manmade Earth examines the evolution of our society; how we come together to create what we could not on our own. Buildings get built, destroyed, built again. How do the structures that we make push us together or keep us apart? The performance features high school students from Buffalo schools, and has been developed with support from UB architecture students.

Daily performances starting at 7:30 pm Nov. 16-18 with additional 2 pm performance on Saturday
 $25 (early bird special $20)

Events engage UB architecture students from concept to performance

Light/Station and Manmade Earth were developed in partnership with UB architecture professor Christopher Romano and more than a dozen students from UB's architecture program who provided set design and construction support and participated in conceptual workshops for both performances.

LIGHT/STATION student team
Anya Batista
Derek Chan
Mikayla Elliott
Rossella Giangreco-Marotta
Jenna Herbert
Timothy Zeng                             

Manmade Earth student team
Haley Davis
Morgan Mansfield
Stanicka Mathurin
Holly Raesly
Matthew Straub
Nicholas Wheeler