Spring 2021 Intellectual Domain Seminars

Intellectual Domain seminars explore the theoretical and historical knowledge-bases of various focus areas of architecture, with an emphasis on pursuing intellectual inquiry.

ARC 624 Intellectual Domain- Inclusive Design- Steinfeld

This course is a problem centered course about knowledge translation from research to inclusive design practice. Topics include theory and methods for use of knowledge in design and in-depth investigation of a contemporary issue in architecture.  This Spring the issue we will investigate is how to design restrooms that address gender diversity, cultural differences in personal hygiene practices, accessibility and other issues. Several UB buildings will be used as sites for investigating innovative design approaches.

ARC 624 Intellectual Domain- Inclusive Design- McAlonie

This course will explore the impact of architectural design and the characteristics of a building and space that impact student engagement and learning outcomes. This course will review research in the K-12 and higher education sectors to identify the spatial components and design elements that facilitate 21st-century pedagogies and foster enhanced learning.    

ARC 626 Intellectual Domain- Situated Technologies- Steiner

Description Pending

ARC 628- Intellectual Domain- Ecological Practices- Guitart

This course interrogates the role that erosion and decay have in current design and perception processes related to ground conditions, and the ways in which they can be addressed and incorporated into design processes. The aging landscape of the ground incorporates erosion as a genuine site condition, embracing the idea that material particles that are displaced find a new position within the site, thus expanding a dynamic evolution over time that never offers a finished integrity.

ARC 630- Intellectual Domain- Urban Design- Hata

This graduate seminar focuses on theories of urban settlements. It is concerned with “settlement patterns”, in the broadest sense, its origin, development, typology/morphology, structure/function, and meanings, and relationships to the socio-cultural, ecological-environmental and economic forces that produced it.

ARC 630- Intellectual Domain- Urban Design- Kickert

This course introduces and explores the theories and approaches to placemaking and urban design through a varied series of lectures, discussions, presentations, films and on-the-ground exercises. Central to this course is a series of texts that represents the history of placemaking and urban design and portrays the often conflicting visions of major placemakers over the past centuries. Many of these visions will be accompanied by films or documentaries explaining or portraying their intentions or outcomes. But this course is not just about reading and discussing text and film. To truly learn about place, you will also read and discuss Buffalo, a treasure trove of landmarks in American placemaking and urban design. Almost any era and vision of place surrounds us, and the critical analysis of Buffalo's past and present places will be a vital part of the course.​

ARC 633- Intellectual Domain- Material Culture- Rafaildis

Investigates distinct theoretical frameworks addressing our relationship to the physical world. The course is structured around ten theoretical lenses. The common denominator of the readings is a carefully articulated and distinct proposal of how the material world could relate to us. The texts are meant as offerings for the students’ own explorations. Classes are organized around in-depth class discussion. The course requires an in-depth reading of the texts and students are expected to proactively and independently address gaps in architectural history and theory.

Class Schedule

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