ARC 607 Urban Design – Conrad Kickert

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Connecting Broadway-Fillmore

At the heart of Buffalo’s East Side, potential rings in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood. The Buffalo Central Terminal is completing an unprecedented plan for its revitalization into a creative hub and only a few blocks away the Broadway Market is similarly planning for its next chapter as a multicultural anchor. This studio looks at the neighborhood in between, which has suffered from decades of disinvestment, segregation, and aggressive demolition efforts. How can we connect the Central Terminal and the Broadway Market, while retaining existing neighborhood residents, ensuring their voice, bolstering diversity, and building new vibrancy?

This studio will create new visions for the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood by studying and proposing new infill housing for a variety of potential audiences, including veterans and immigrant families. Furthermore, the studio will propose programmatical connections between the Broadway Market and the Central Terminal such as commercial or social anchors. Finally, the studio will take on streetscape improvements in the neighborhoods to ensure a safe, vibrant, and exciting environment for people of all ages and backgrounds. You are challenged to create a thorough yet methodologically innovative neighborhood analysis, a neighborhood-wide urban design, visions for infill development and programming at the block level, and detailed streetscape redesigns and costing.

Our community partners at the Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood Housing Services, the Broadway Market, and the Central Terminal Redevelopment Corporation cannot wait to hear your ideas! Our partners and community residents will tour you through the neighborhood and attend your presentations. You will work in interdisciplinary teams with graduate urban planning students to envision futures for one of Buffalo’s most exciting neighborhoods. This studio aligns best with the Urban Design graduate research group. If you have any questions, please contact Conrad Kickert at