ARC 605- Materials Culture- Georg Rafailidis

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The life span of contemporary uses is much shorter than the life span of buildings. This semester we will look at the potential of a short lived architecture that could simply disappear after its short time use. This ambition poses interesting questions regarding construction materials, the life cycle of construction systems, disassembly/decay and structural typologies. To address this agenda this studio will explore the architectural and structural potential of paper casting. A range of humble materials, from cotton to recycled paper, will be used. Traditional methods of paper making and paper casting will be learned and expanded upon using strategic, experimental tactics. Students will fabricate material swatches, scale models, and ultimately make a full-scale or partial cast paper enclosure or structure. Underlying each student project, the aim of the studio is to encourage students to develop habits of working that are resourceful, inventive, that produce little waste, and that lead to a form of architecture that is temporary, without a negative ecological impact.