Elisabeth Perreault (MArch ’03)

Health Practice Leader, CannonDesign, Buffalo

A program in our Perspectives speaker series

With broad ranging healthcare design experience that focuses on the most vulnerable, Elisabeth leads and inspires CannonDesign’s Buffalo founding office’s healthcare practice.

Elisabeth Perreault.

Throughout her career, Elisabeth has mastered a forward-thinking design approach that brings heightened awareness to specialized modes of patient care. Her work spans North America, and her expertise ranges from academic medicine campus master planning to post-rehab residential facilities. 

Elisabeth has devoted much of her career to designing facilities that enable the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions to live well, and with dignity. Additionally, she has worked on award-winning behavioral health projects in the United States and Canada, emphasizing a need for increased access to care and facilities that reduce stigma. 

Published April 4, 2023

Featured in 50+ Alumni Exhibition

View work by Elisabeth Perreault on the "Ave Maria University, Ave Maria Oratory" in Flordia. The project was featured in the 50+ Alumni Exhibition, celebrating the work of 50+ alumni, in 50 images, over 50 years, as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the School of Architecture and Planning.

Tuesday, April 4

1 p.m. | Virtual