Research Information and Procedures for Faculty

Pre-Submission Supports

  1. Faculty can request editorial support for their proposals with sufficient notice. We recommend alerting us of your editorial needs when you begin fleshing out an idea for a proposal and allocating five business days for the editorial review of your first full draft.
  2. Faculty can request support on budget preparation for their grants. A budget template is available from the research administrator who can work with investigators to finalize the budget.

Pre-Submission Requirements

  1. All investigators must ensure Financial Conflict of Interest documents are up to date
  2. Projects involving human subjects research have sought, or will seek, Institutional Review Board approval
  3. UB SAP faculty listed in the project description and/or budget must receive recognition credit for their work, ensuring accurate recognition for the department and/or affiliated research center. Financial credit signals the ways in which individuals receive credit for research dollars resulting from the grant. Recognition credit, on the other hand, signals the intellectual contribution of individuals. The two terms are connected, but not the same. In an effort to accurately report the sponsored activities in the school, we are requesting all faculty/Principal Investigators ensure that any participating [ladder] faculty in a sponsored project proposal receive appropriate recognition credit. Participating faculty must receive financial credit depending on the agreement within the team; some faculty may choose to offer their time as cost share, for example. Ladder faculty participating in a research project must get recognition credit.
  4. Project narrative, project budget, and budget justification must be uploaded and submitted via the UB Click system for approval in advance of the UB SPS deadline. SPS requires 5 days to review and finalize the proposal prior to the sponsor deadline. The School of Architecture and Planning will review UB Click forms within five business days of notification that a submission needs to be approved. Therefore, PIs should provide 10 days for the school and SPS to review and approve prior to the sponsor’s deadline. However, in the event of a quick turnaround from a sponsor, the school will provide a faster review.
  5. Projects involving children must comply with UB’s Child Protection Policy.
  6. Ensure that the budget is in compliance with the indirect cost rate policy of the School of Architecture and Planning.

Post-Award Supports

The School’s Research Administrator can provide support to faculty in the following areas:

  1. Procure supplies and materials tied to research.
  2. Process student, staff and faculty appointments on research grants.
  3. Review expenditures and ensure compliance with sponsor and university guidelines.
  4. Liaise with the university’s Office of Sponsored Project Services.

Post-Award Requirements

  1. Student appointments: Research investigators seeking support from the school on student appointments will need to complete the Hiring Request Form and notify the research administrator two weeks in advance of the start of the appointment by email; ideally all student appointments should be processed no later than:
    1. Spring semester: January 10
    2. Summer: May 10
    3. Fall: August 10
  2. Vendor payments: Prior approval must be obtained through a purchase order created in ShopBlue before anything is arranged or purchased from a vendor.
  3. Independent contractor payments: A Request for Advance Approval form is required prior to the commencement of any work by a contractor.
  4. Travel:  All travel must be approved prior to making any travel arrangements. All researchers should complete the Travel Pre-Approval Form; once approval has been received, then travel may be arranged.

Contact our Research Administrator: Barbara Carlson at