Designing With / Learning From Symposium

A one-day symposium investigating the role of universities in designing inclusive, meaningful and transformative places with disinvested neighborhoods of American cities, and learning from this process.

About the Symposium

Six leading community-engaged designers from across the United States will discuss their experiences with designing with and learning from their own communities, which include Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Muncie, Auburn and State College. Learn how architects, urban designers, and planners at universities co-create place in American communities.

Saturday, April 22

9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Hayes Hall Atrium


Stefan Gruber.

Stefan Gruber / Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture

Gruber is a registered architect and Associate Professor in the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture. He serves as Track Chair of the Master of Urban Design (MUD) program and holds a courtesy appointment at the School of Design. Gruber holds the David Lewis/Heinz Endowments Directorship of Urban Design and Regional Engagement. In this role, he directs the Remaking Cities Institute (RCI). He was awarded indefinite tenure with the SoA in 2022.

Lisa Domenica Iulo.

Lisa Domenica Iulo / Pennsylvania State University

Lulo is an associate professor of architecture at The Pennsylvania State University and a Registered Architect, Professional Planner, and LEED-Accredited Professional who has focused her work and research on building and planning for a more sustainable future. Specifically, her work has been recognized in research and practice related to residential green building practices and affordable housing, energy efficiency, and strategies for the implementation of renewable energy at the building and community scale.

Terry Schwarz.

Terry Schwarz / Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

Schwarz is the director of Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. Her work at the CUDC includes neighborhood and campus planning, commercial and residential design guidelines, and ecological strategies for vacant land reuse. Schwarz launched the CUDC’s Shrinking Cities Institute in 2005 in an effort to understand and address the implications of population decline and large-scale urban vacancy in Northeast Ohio.

Janice Shimizu.

Janice Shimizu / Ball State University / Shimizu + Coggeshall Architects

Shimizu, AIA, is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Ball State University and a partner at Shimizu + Coggeshall Architects. Within the department of Architecture, she teaches integrated design studio, professional practice, and design methodologies. She is the co-coordinator of Muncie Makes Lab and was co-recipient of the 2016-2020 Academic Excellence grant through which CAP Makes Muncie Makes was developed.

Rusty Smith.

Rusty Smith / Rural Studio, Auburn University

Smith is the Associate Director of Rural Studio, Auburn University’s internationally recognized design-build architecture program. Established in 1993, Rural Studio gives architecture students a hands-on educational experience while assisting the underserved communities of Alabama’s rural Black Belt region. Over the past decade Rural Studio has expanded the scope and complexity of its projects to include the design and construction of community-oriented infrastructure, the development of more broadly-attainable small home affordability solutions, and a comprehensive approach to addressing insecurity issues relative to income, energy, food, health, and education resources.

Virginia Stanard.

Virginia Stanard / University of Detroit Mercy's School of Architecture & Community Development

Stanard is an associate professor of Architecture and Community Development at University of Detroit Mercy's School of Architecture & Community Development. She is also a principal at City Form Detroit, a research-based, collaborative urban design practice that offers integrated expertise in urban design, community engagement and implementation through a people-focused, data-informed approach. Through her urban design practice and teaching, Stanard advocates for equitable development and communities that promote well-being and high quality of life. 


In three panels, our six panelists will discuss their work and discuss key topics of community engaged design.

9 a.m.

Panel 1
Virginia Stanard and Terry Schwarz
Moderated by Conrad Kickert and Maya Porath

10:30 a.m.

Panel 2
Lisa Iulo and Stefan Gruber
Moderated by Martha Bohm and Hiroaki Hata


Panel 3
Rusty Smith and Janice Shimizu
Moderated by Gregory Delaney and Stephanie Cramer

Organized by Martha Bohm, Stephanie Cramer, Gregory Delaney, Hiroaki Hata, Conrad Kickert, Maya Porath and Bradley Wales​.