Brian Carter

Professor - Department of Architecture - Hayes Hall 212 - 716-829-5886

Professor - Department of Architecture - Hayes Hall 212 - 716-829-5886

Brain Carter.

Brian Carter, a graduate of the Nottingham School of Architecture and the University of Toronto, is a registered architect in the United Kingdom. 

He worked in practice with Arup in London where he was responsible for the design of a number of award winning projects.

Professor Carter is the author of several books on modern architecture including Johnson Wax Administration Building and Research Tower (Phaidon Press, 1998) and co-author of All-American: Innovation in American Architecture(Thames & Hudson, 2002) The initiator of buffaloBOOKS he is a contributor to several international journals including Detail, The Architectural Review and Architectural Design. An external examiner in the United Kingdom and Canada and a peer reviewer for the GSA Design Excellence program in the United States Professor Carter is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.