• Bachelor of Science in Architecture
    The undergraduate pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Arch) introduces concepts and skills upon which graduate accredited professional Master of Architecture (MArch) studies are based. 
  • Architecture Minor
    The minor in architecture provides students with a liberal exposure to the humanities, technology, the social sciences, and aesthetic expression through the lenses of the built and the natural environments.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design
    The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design offers a pre-professional course of study grounded in the multidisciplinary traditions of the liberal arts and active intervention in community and regional environments through classroom activity, fieldwork, workshops, and internships. 
  • Environmental Design Minor
    The minor in environmental design provides students from diverse academic backgrounds a broad foundation in the principles of urban design as well as the form and function of the built environment.
View student work - Intersight 21

This year's journal of student work, Intersight 21, will explore how students formulate their design vision, and carry it to fruition over the course of the year.