• Bachelor of Science in Architecture
    The undergraduate pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Arch) introduces concepts and skills upon which graduate accredited professional Master of Architecture (MArch) studies are based. 
  • Architecture Minor
    The study of architecture offers an indispensable background for studies in most disciplines: it develops skills in critical thinking and making, and it furnishes tools for interpreting and understanding the ways in which we inhabit and shape the material world. 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design
    We live in times in which our urban and built environments are undergoing unprecedented change. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Environmental Design degree provides students with the skills to understand, analyze, and solve problems associated with such change, with a view toward community vitality, social fairness, and the design of sustainable environments. Our program applies knowledge of social and behavioral science to plan and design community environments that affect, and are affected by, human behavior.
  • Environmental Design Minor
    The minor in environmental design provides students from diverse academic backgrounds a broad foundation in the principles of urban design as well as the form and function of the built environment.