Aarhus, Denmark (Exchange)

Andrew Perkins in Denmark.

During the 2010 study abroad studio in Aarhus, Andrew Perkins (MArch '12) embraced the prevalent cycling culture of Denmark and proposed to design, build and deploy a portable shelter which could be taken in tow throughout his journey across the region.

The University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, and the School of Architecture (Arkitektskolen i Aarhus) in Aarhus, Denmark, have a formal agreement outlining an exchange program for students and faculty.

Students may attend classes and studio for one semester or one year abroad in Aarhus while continuing to pay tuition at UB. Individual courses of study are developed by faculty advisors at both institutions. Students participate in the daily activities of one of the ongoing studios in Aarhus. Up to four full-time exchange positions are open each year (eight semester slots). Fluency in Danish is not required.

Most students will choose to live on campus in the dorms, as they are located close to the city center and University. Visit the dorms web site.