Spain (Summer)

students tour the city of Madrid during summer study abroad.

Spain has traditionally played a key role not only in the national and international architecture production but also in the development of architecture teaching and research. Spanish architects represent a very relevant sector of the world profession, with key figures in almost all spheres related to the discipline -- teaching, research and practice.

The Spain summer abroad program allows architecture students to be involved with the context and production of Spanish architecture and its practitioners. Students will benefit from having a direct experience on the Spanish day-to-day relationship between school and practice, which will enhance their curricular experience and prepare them further for their professional development. The time spent in the city of Madrid and the rest of the country will provide the students with a cultural, gastronomic, professional, intellectual, and personal unforgettable experience.

In addition to a design studio (6 credit hours), students participate in two three-credit seminars in which they explore Spanish master architects and visit landmarks, sites and architectural offices throughout Madrid and beyond. The Spain study abroad program includes a lecture series with weekly presentations by practicing and researching architects in Spain. Students also have opportunities for weekend trips to most major cities in Spain: Barcelona, Bilbao, Cádiz, Córdoba, El Escorial, Granada, Salamanca, Santiago, Segovia, Sevilla, Toledo and Zaragoza. Students will have support to organize them at their convenience and an extensive Spanish architecture guide will be provided.

All students stay in a campus dormitory at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca campus de Madrid, located in the heart of Madrid. The campus, where the program's studio is also located, is conveniently connected with all top attractions through a number of buses and metro lines.  

Studio director and faculty lead: Miguel Guitart, clinical associate professor of architecture

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Explore the inaugural Spain study abroad program experience, which included intense production through seminars and studio, daily "seeing and drawing" tours of the city, and time to savor the city's cultural and culinary assets: "Students take in all of Madrid on study abroad."