Career Resources

Pave your path into the built environment professions

Your preparation as a professional architect, urban planner or real estate developer starts from day one at the School of Architecture and Planning. Visit with our career development and advising team for tips on building your portfolio, internship searches or mock interviews. Meet leaders from top firms and employers across the built environment professions through meet-and-greets and offsite treks. Pair up with one of our alumni mentors to build deep professional connections and gain valuable career-building advice.

  • Career Advisement
    The School of Architecture and Planning offers career advisement services to assist newly graduating students in their employment search and to guide current students looking for summer/future internships.
  • Find Professional Opportunities
    Connect with UB's Bullseye to start and manage your job and internship search; connect with us on LinkedIn to find additional opportunities.
  • Build Your Network
    From in-house presentations by top employers and weekly public lectures by distinguished practitioners to our alumni-driven mentoring program and student leadership organizations, you'll find plenty of opportunities here to establish valuable, meaningful professional connections.