Miguel Guitart, PhD

Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
mguitart@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 313 - 716-829-5931

Assistant Professor - Department of Architecture
mguitart@buffalo.edu - Hayes Hall 313 - 716-829-5931

Miguel Guitart.

Miguel Guitart is an architect, author, and academic. He serves as assistant professor with the the Department of Architecture at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York. His research focuses on architectural experience at the intersection of material narratives and sensory perception with a focus on physical boundaries, material memory, and non-material agents.

Guitart received his Ph.D. in Architecture from ETSAM, Polytechnic University of Madrid, and his M.Arch II from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University as a J. W. Fulbright Scholar. He received previous B.Arch and M.Arch degrees from ETSAM.

He has taught at the Universidad de Zaragoza (UNIZAR, 2013-2014), Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca Campus Madrid (UPSAM, 2006-2014), and the Boston Architectural Center (BAC, 2002-2003), and lectured at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM, 2013, 2012, 2010), ESNE-UCJC (2011, 2012), and the School of Design and Construction at Washington State University (2014).

He has published articles in the Journal of Architectural EducationTechnology, Art + DesignCity, Territory and ArchitectureJournal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Architecture and UrbanismRevista Arquitectura RARita Red FundamentosConstelaciones, and Radar, among other journals.

He is the author of Behind Architectural Filters: Phenomena of Interference (Routledge, 2022) and The Depth of the Skin (Asimetricas, 2015), and editor of Approaching Architecture: Three Fields, One Discipline (Routledge, 2023) and the four volumes of Architectural Practice book series (Nobuko, 2014-2020).

Guitart has been awarded by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), AZ Awards in Canada, the New York State Council for the Arts (NYSCA), the Alejandro de la Sota Biennial Award, and the University at Buffalo Humanities Institute.

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  • Architectural Practice, Volumes I-III
    Across three volumes, this series of texts curated by UB assistant professor of architecture Miguel Guitart and Madrid architect Daniel Gimeno documents twenty texts and twenty visions, twenty teaching methods and twenty ways of designing. The collection of texts illumnates practicioners visions, teaching methods and ways of designing, and transports the reader to an intimate place which has inspired the works of some of the most outstanding architects of our time.
  • Cages
    The work in Cages explores the qualities of material boundaries and enclosing conditions that relate structure and skin, establishing critical connections between the natural and the artificial in the material experience.
  • Terra cotta grotto
    “Terra-Cotta Grotto” is a design intervention constructed with standard terracotta extrusions that explores the spatial, material, structural and ecological conditions of a grotto.
  • Church and Parish Center Santa Maria Assumpta
    The project for the new Santa Maria Parish Center in Bonavista offers a specific solution to the needs of the program and the liturgy taking as a starting point two premises recurrent throughout the history of the Catholic Church: monumentality and mystery.
  • Introducing Architectural Theory: Expanding the Disciplinary Debate
    Building on the success of the first edition, an engaging and reader-friendly work on complex ideas, Introducing Architectural Theory: Expanding the Disciplinary Debate, broadens the range of themes, voices, and geographies represented to provide a more comprehensive and contemporary theory book.