Bradley A. Lukanic, AIA, LEED AP.

Bradley A. Lukanic, AIA, LEED AP

Bradley Lukanic is chief executive officer and lead strategist of CannonDesign, a global design firm with 16 offices and more than 1,000 employees worldwide. An award-winning designer, Lukanic has been with CannonDesign since 2009 and was executive director of its education practice prior to his appointment as CEO. 

As the firm's lead strategist, Lukanic delineates why CannonDesign is an industry leader, champions the firm's established values and progresses its innovative culture. He is at the helm of a leadership team that crafts decisions to achieve short- and long-term results, strategies, plans and financial results. And, in partnership with the board of directors, he is responsible for the firm’s overall success ensuring CannonDesign delivers consistent value to its clients and communities.

Lukanik's perspectives channel CannonDesign’s creativity and expertise and inspire thought leadership across the firm. He encourages listening – to CannonDesign's clients, within the industry, to each other – to hear what’s truly needed. His leadership is based on the premise that CannonDesign must constantly invest in its future and not merely be relevant, but drive and lead with impactful design solutions.