Sample MSRED Electives

For the MSRED degree, students should first consider picking from the following electives.

ARC 521:  Special Topics (spring and fall)

ARC 531:  Architectural History I (fall)

ARC 534:  Architectural History II (spring)

ARC 558:  Design for Inclusive Environments (fall)

ARC 565:  Urban Design:  Understanding Form (fall)

ARC 566:  Urban Design:  Theory of Urban Settlement Patterns (spring)

END 501:  Evolution of Urban Structure (fall)

END 503:  Strategies of Property Management (fall)

END 528:  Foundations of Historic Preservation (spring)

END 529:  Historic Preservation, Documentation, and Methods (fall)

END 545:  Internship (fall/spring)

END 562:  Transportation and Land Use and Urban Form (fall)

END 578:  Environmental Planning Methods (fall)

END 599:  Independent Study (fall/spring)

URP 522:  Economic Development Planning (fall)

URP 526:  Site Planning and Design (spring)

URP 544:  Transportation Scenarios (spring)

URP 567: Legal Issues in Planning (spring)

URP 568: Environmental Planning and Policy (spring)

URP 573: Land Use and Physical Planning (fall)

URP 605:  Built Environment and Health (fall)

URP 606:  Housing and Community Development (spring)

NOTE:  You may take up to six credits outside of the school as long as it is related to the RED degree.  If you have a question whether the course is acceptable, please contact Ernie Sternberg (  Please note that coursework in the School of Management (SOM) may be acceptable.  However, the SOM does require additional paperwork before they will allow students outside of Management to enroll.  You should contact the SOM directly, if you are interested.