Jonathan Richmond

The Ibrahim and Viviane Jammal Fellow in International Planning

Jonathan Richmond, Ibrahim and Viviane Jammal Fellow in International Planning

“Approaches to Professionalism in the Face of Mismanagement or Corruption in Developing Countries"

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

301 Crosby Hall, 6 p.m.

A scholar and advisor on transportation and governance, Jonathan Richmond's greatest current concerns are about stemming the corruption that destroys chances of effective growth taking place in many of the world's developing countries. He also seeks to build better governance by harnessing the enthusiasm and integrity of the younger government workers who generally have high ambitions for their countries, hate corruption, and wish to move their nations forward.

Richmond was recently transport adviser to the Governments of Mauritius and then Bangladesh. He has also advised the Governments of Singapore and Dubai, as well as the leadership of Los Angeles on transportation issues. He was New South Wales Department of Transport Visiting Professor at the University of Sydney, with roles in government advising as well as teaching.

Affected by the damaging effects of corruption, he is now turning his career to teaching and practice in the area of building good government. He helped edit a recent manual on corruption control for the German development agency, GIZ, has appeared on panels on corruption at the invitation of the World Bank, and was invited to Manila to address the ADB on ways of moving from corruption to effective governance.

A graduate of the London School of Economics and a British Fulbright Scholar at MIT, where he received Masters and Doctoral degrees, Richmond has held teaching positions at a number of universities including the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, where he worked on curriculum reform to make educational content more appropriate for Asian students, with results published in the International Education Journal.