Tsz Yan Ng (2001-02)

Tsz Yan Ng headshot.

Peter Reyner Banham Fellow 2001 - 2002

Tsz Yan Ng's material-based research and design primarily focus on experimental concrete forming (hard) and textile manipulation (soft), often times in direct exchange with incorporation of contemporary technologies to develop novel designs for building and manufacturing. A common thread to her work investigates questions of labor in various facets and forms – underscoring broader issues of industrial manufacturing innovation, of human labor, crafting, and aesthetics. She’s the principal of an independent architecture and art practice with built works in the US and China. Her practice, collaborative in nature and interdisciplinary in scope, ranges in scale from textile manufacturing facilities to commercial retail interiors and installations. She received an Architect Magazine R+D Award for Robotic Needle Felting, an AIA Upjohn Research Initiative Grant to explore concrete 3D printing, and a New Researcher Award from ARCC (2020). She joined Taubman College, University of Michigan as the Walter B. Sanders Fellow (2007-2008) and is currently an Assistant Professor. She was also the Reyner Banham Fellow at the University of Buffalo from 2001-2002. Her co-edited book Twisted was released in 2018 and was co-editor for the JAE theme issue Work (2019). 

Website: www.tszyanng.com