Architecture program accredited through 2023

Students work diligently in the most advanced, spaciously generous material and methods shop.

he National Architectural Accrediting Board highlighted the architecture program’s integration of applied research across its curriculum.

The School of Architecture and Planning’s professional Master of Architecture program has earned an eight-year term of continuing accreditation, the longest interval awarded by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. 

The rigorous external evaluation measures the quality of the program’s curriculum, faculty, student services and library against a set of standards for architecture programs across the U.S.

Noted in particular were three criteria that the School of Architecture and Planning has met “with distinction”: comprehensive design; applied research skills; and collaboration among faculty and students and across UB. The evaluation reflects well on an architecture program that has been significantly restructured over the past several years to focus comprehensive design at the undergraduate level and enhance research opportunities through graduate-level research groups. 

“Applied research skills are pervasive among the students and embodied in the program in a strong way,” noted visiting team chair Cornelius “Kin” Dubois in his remarks to the school last spring. Added team member Mitra Kanaani of the New School of Architecture & Design in San Diego: “You are unique in that you use research as a vehicle to bring coherence to your program. In this way, you connect your research program to what architecture is all about – and that’s practice.”