Our B/a+p graphic

Guidelines on use of B/a+p graphic

The B/a+p is a complementary graphic element may be used in addition to but never in place of the School of Architecture and Planning's official brand extension, in support of the UB master brand. As a graphic element, "B/a+p" is never to be used in text, as a reference to the name of the school, or in titles or affiliations of faculty, staff or students. 

Use of the B/a+p graphic in this way is encouraged as a graphic expression of the School's culture and way of working. Its bold and emphatic "B" is representative of Buffalo as our inspirational urban context and a state of mind: we are makers and doers, committed to a culture of inclusion, a spirit of enterprise, and the study and practice of our disciplines as agents of change for quality of life, culture, place, equity, environment and community. The "a+p" communicates the collaborative connections across the study and practice of our allied professions of architecture and planning.

We encourage our faculty and staff to explore our examples of creative expression contained within this toolkit. Please contact us for support or assistance.