Fall 2019 final reviews recap

Large double folded and curved plywood sheet sewn back together. Small process models show multiple iterations.

Situated Technologies studio: Towns of Borrowed Spaces | Structural Papercuts lead by Assistant Professor Nicholas Bruscia

Published December 17, 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, students in the School of Architecture and Planning pull out all the stops in preparing to present the projects that they have worked on through the course of the fall semester. Faculty and guest critics from firm and schools around the region come together to review student concepts and provide feedback.

There is dramatic diversity of content, ranging from abstract material explorations, to floating community centers, to large scale housing complexes. The gallery below only scratches the surface of energy invested in this season of final reviews.

Senior studio: Urban life: self + society

is the culmination of the undergraduate architecture studio and is unique in that the review is run as a competition. 

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Fall 2019 final review gallery