IDeA Center publishes new resources on inclusive design

Book covers.

Release Date November 16, 2017 This content is archived.


The Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access has announced the publication of two resources on inclusive design for architects, planners and building professionals. 

The books were published by faculty and research associates of the IDeA Center, which has set international standards in the design of environments, products and systems for all, particularly populations traditionally marginalized in design decisions. 

Inclusive Design topview.

Inclusive Design: Implementation and Evaluation is the latest addition to Routledge’s Pocket Architecture: Technical Design Series. The desktop resource focuses on inclusive design and its direct application into architectural and interior design practices, construction, facilities management, and property development. The practical guide is intended for a wide audience including design professionals, contractors and builders, developers and building owners. Co-authored by Jordana L. Maisel, director of research activities for the IDeA Center; Edward Steinfeld, director of the IDeA Center and SUNY Distinguished Professor of Architecture; Megan Basnak, a graduate of UB's MArch program and a former research associate for the center; Korydon Smith, UB professor of architecture; and M. Beth Tauke, UB associate professor of architecture.

Accessible Public Transportation.

Accessible Public Transportation: Designing Service for Riders with Disabilities was recently released by Routledge and co-edited by Aaron Steinfeld (Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon), Jordana L. Maisel, and Edward Steinfeld. The book covers the various technologies, policies, and programs that researchers and transportation stakeholders are exploring or putting into place. The book provides many examples of innovation, with close attention to inclusive solutions that serve the needs of all transportation users.