Comparisons of Physical Activity and Walking Between Korean Immigrant and White Women in King County, WA

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Assistant professors So Ra Baek & Bumjoon Kang (urban planning) and collaborators compare physical activity between Korean immigrant women and White women.

Immigrant and minority women are less physically active than White women particularly during leisure time. However, prior research demonstrates that reported household physical activity (PA) and non-leisure time walking/biking were higher among the former. Using accelerometers, GPS, and travel logs, transport-related, home-based, and leisure time PA were measured objectively for 7 days from a convenience sample of 60 first-generation Korean immigrant women and 69 matched White women from the Travel Assessment and Community Project in King County, Washington. Time spent in total PA, walking, and home-based PA was higher among Whites than Korean immigrants regardless of PA type or location. 58 % of the White women but only 20 % of the Korean women met CDC's PA recommendations. Socio-economic status, psychosocial factors, and participants' neighborhood built environmental factors failed to account for the observed PA differences between these groups.


So-Ra Baek, Assistant Professor
Bumjoon Kang, Assistant Professor
Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Anne Vernez Moudon
Philip M Hurvitz
Chang-Hee Christine Bae
Department of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington

Brian E Saelens
Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington and Seattle Children's Research Institute


Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health

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