Connected Living

A network of structural members that can have modules inserted and be reconfigured depending on the residents' needs at different points in time.

Jin Young Song's proposal presents a series of interconnected towers that self-construct and de-construct through embedded robots that respond to their environment. 

It's an apartment tower that expands – and downsizes – to respond to our rapidly changing lifestyles. This smart building design won UB architecture professor Jin Young Song first place in an international competition to consider design in the “self-evolving city.”

“Connected Living” is based on Song's research on 60’s Metabolism and emerging prefabrication and robotics in manufacturing. The robots are integrated to the building façade to modify, add and remove prefabricated units when necessary, maximizing flexibility and supporting sustainable residential culture.


Principal Designer

Design Team

  • Hashim Ajlouni (MArch ‘16)
  • William Baptiste (MArch ‘18)
  • Ning Ding (Architecture BS ’18)
  • Tino Goo (MArch ‘16)
  • Euychan Jung (MArch ‘18)
  • Laeyeon Kim (exchange student to UB)
  • Seungjun Lee (BAED ‘19)
  • David Hakcheol Seo (BS ’18)
  • Daniel Vrana (MArch ‘16)
  • Bonghwan Kim, PE (Skidmore Owings and Merrills LLP, Structure Consultant)