Health hostel design prototype

Affordable, quality temporary housing

Rendering of Health Hostel showing people interacting with the space outdoors.

Health Hostel provides temporary housing for those that may have just finished medical treatment of some sort or just need help navigating daily life activities.

The homeowner acts as a landlord, by which when something in the home needs repair, he/she/they are responsible to fix it. The host also serves as a caretaker and a friend that is there to help when you need it. Anyone may reside in Health Hostel for however long they need and for whatever reason necessary.

A tour of the home and the greater Alternative American Dream is given to potential residents to ensure their desire and willingness to be a part of the home and co-op. Multiple levels of privacy and need for aid are available amongst the three houses that belong to the Health Hostel. House A has two rentable bedrooms with a shared, but segmented restroom, in which the shower and toilet are in entirely different lockable spaces so they may be used simultaneously. House B is the most compact unit with only one rentable bedroom, and House C has the highest level of privacy with private bathrooms for both rentable bedrooms. Inclusive design features range from a ramp leading to both the front and back yards, walk-in showers, and additional sliding apertures above bedroom doors which serve multiple purposes.

These apertures allow for natural ventilation in the bedrooms from the ability to cross-ventilate. They also serve as last resorts for hosts that may need to ensure that the tenant is safe in case of emergency. The host also has an aperture above their bedroom door in order to allow for a tenant on the floor below to call for help if they are unable to make it to or up the stairs.


Rachel Goff



Inclusive Design Graduate Research Studio Project, Spring 2019