Kaisertown Development Plan

Report cover for Kaisertown Development Plan.

The Kaisertown Neighborhood Development Plan aims to strengthen this Buffalo neighborhood's existing assets through a series of improvements. The studio findings aim to promote social participation, economic development, main commercial corridors, and urban environment as well as raise awareness of Kaisertown within the region and the context of the Buffalo.


Jeffrey Rehler


Fall 2019


BA in Environmental Design

Recommendations are focused around a series of proposals specific to each zone of improvement. These focus areas consist of Kaisertown’s Main Streets, Houghton Park, and Waterfront. Proposals are established through our guiding principles. Recommendations should be forward thinking, relevant year round, and kept in context with Kaisertown. All development will aim to be sustainable in efforts to protect bolster cultural and physical assets that make Kaisertown unique.

The neighborhood and main street area will be made accessible to all by prioritizing inter-municipal coordination and enhancing connectivity with the region.These positive and conceivable changes can be accomplished with the help of dedicated residents as well as our clients the Kaisertown Friends Association. We understand the importance of preserving Kaisertown’s rich history while still allowing flexibility for change. This plan hopes to not only address physical improvements in the neighborhood, but improve the quality of lives of the residents.

Although catering to Kaisertown’s aging population is a significant objective, we plan for our changes to influence Kaisertown to grow and contribute to the revitalization of the City of Buffalo by increasing the diversity of the neighborhood. Kaisertown’s untapped potential is not only seen as a resource to improve the neighborhood but the Western New York Region as a whole.