Inclusive Housing

A Pattern Book : Design for Diversity and Equality

Cover of Inclusive Housing book.

Professor of architecture Edward Steinfeld and senior research specialist at the IDeA Center Jonathan White's book focuses on housing that provides access to people with disabilities while benefiting all residents and that incorporates inclusive design practices into neighborhood and housing designs without compromising other important design goals.

Researchers estimate that about 15% of the population has a disabling condition. As the population ages, more of us will experience disabling conditions through our lifetime. Steinfeld and White have written a detailed resource book for architects, developers who want to make buildings and environments more inclusive. The book gives guidance on topics such as visitability, lifespan access, circulation and walkways, and house components, including doors, thresholds, and bathrooms. It contents are broadly applicable to challenges of affordable housing design.


Edward Steinfeld
Department of Architecture, UB

Jonathan White
Senior Research Specialist, IDeA Center, UB


W.W. Norton & Company

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