Care house design prototype

Rendering of the front of the care hosue.

The conceptual design developed by Alexa Russo, student, working with architecture professor Edward Steinfeld. The model was built in Spring 2018 by clinical assistant instructor Stephanie Cramer’s fourteen inclusive design students.

Ms. Russo’s prototype is a fully accessible reimagining of the shotgun house typology. It features exceptionally simple constructibility, facilitating construction by volunteers or other untrained persons. The design also includes a series of window and door alignments that allow for natural light and ventilation.

The design was developed further by Taylor Mortorff and Jonathan White of the IDeA Center as part of a larger project intending to create stock plans for homes responding to universal design principles. These plans and related design options will be distributed to professionals enabling them to fill a gap in the current stock of house plans available for public purchase.


Alexa Russo
Taylor Mortorff


Project Timeline

2016 - Concept Inclusive Design Graduate Research Group, Edward Steinfeld

2017 - Construction documents with Edward Steinfeld

2018 - Model by Spring 2018 Inclusive Design Graduate Research Group Studio, Stephanie Cramer

2019 - Project further developed, the IDeA Center with Jonathan White