Graduate Planning Student Association (GPSA)

We are a student-led organization dedicated to representing the academic and professional interests of all graduate students in urban planning at the University at Buffalo. We strive to foster an inclusive environment within our cohort and institution to draw attention to historic inequalities perpetuated by the profession.

Half section of hayes hall tower olaid over a blue circle with the letters G P S A and graduate planning student association.

Our mission is to cultivate graduate student excellence in academic study, and equip students with the ability to interrogate instances of discrimination within the field. Through professional development and focus on community service, the GPSA aspires to prepare the next generation of advocacy planners. To truly be effective in our field, it is vital that we confront the harmful legacies of urban planning.

“The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.” - James Baldwin

The GPSA is open to all PhD and Master of Urban Planning students in Urban and Regional Planning at the University at Buffalo, working collaboratively with departmental faculty and staff in the School of Architecture and Planning to enhance the graduate student experience. We also serve as the student link to the local and national chapters of the American Planning Association.

We host events and activities, including happy hours, software tutorials, professional networking and guest speakers.


  • President – Hallie Wright
  • Vice-President – John Bartol
  • Secretary – Insha Akram
  • Treasurer – Colin Curry
  • APA Representative – Gabe Recchio
  • GSA Representative – Yolando Mullen
  • Social Media – Viyona Chavan
  • Department Liaision – Zane Longwell
  • First-Year Representative – Alex Patiño
  • International Student Representative – Pratheeksha Balaji