Independent Study Information

Independent study  is defined as individualized student work under the guidance of a faculty member. These courses are intended to pursue topics that are not currently offered through regular coursework at UB. Independent study may be the focal point in the design of an individual program or it may merely add desired depth or breadth to a student’s formal degree program. Typically, the independent study project is created by the student. Occassionally, faculty will have their own independent study project and seek out students to work with them. In this case, the department will email students with information on the opportunity and direct them to speak with the faculty member if they are interested.

To enroll in independent study, students must identify a member of the faculty willing to sponsor their work and work with them to complete the independent study form. Then the form must be submitted by the student with faculty signature to Stacey Komendat ( by the add/drop deadline of the semester students wish to be registered. Independent study typically is taken for 3 credits and will count towards the students elective requirements. In rare cases, more or less credits may be considered with faculty approval. 

A maximum of one independent study course is allowed each semester, with a maximum career total of two.