Facility Guidelines

Updated August 21, 2020


  • Spray booths are located in Crosby 206 and 306, and are to be used when using spray mount and spray paint. Spray materials are not to be used in studios, hallways, classrooms, fire stairs or any other location.
  • Plaster sinks are location in Crosby 6, Crosby 104, Crosby 206 and Crosby 306—lavatory sinks are not be used for paint or plaster.
  • Cutting boards are location outside Hayes 106, outside Hayes 205, outside Hayes 309, in studios in Hayes 205, 410 and 420, and two on each floor in Crosby Hall.  If you need to cut something, use them or purchase your own cutting board. Studio doors/tables, chairs, floors and classroom tables are not to be used as cutting surfaces.
  • A shared photography space has been set up in Crosby 143, providing natural light, a surface for models, and other lighting sources. Please use this for taking pictures of studio work for portfolios.
  • Every studio has a broom and dustpan—please use them regularly to keep studios broom-clean.
  • Everyone studio has a first aid kit with Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, gauze pads, and tape.  Please use them if you cut yourself. They are checked and refilled about halfway through the term; if an earlier refilling is needed, please email bruce@buffalo.edu.

Appropriate Uses

  • Cutting openings or removing walls, ceilings or floors is not allowed in any campus building.
  • Permanently attaching items or painting walls, floors or ceilings anywhere in the buildings is not allowed.
  • Removing or cutting any electrical, networking, plumbing, building controls, alarm systems, security systems, HVAC lines or components and any other building system not listed is not allowed.
  • Protect studio work surfaces, chairs, walls, floors, ceilings and fixtures from damage from glues, cutting and paints.
  • Do not relocate furniture between classrooms, studios or crit spaces. The required number of furniture components is in each space, and moving them around causes problems for other courses.
  • Plaster can be used in studios and in the Crosby 6, 105, 206 and 306.  If you need to use concrete or cement, that work must be done in the Shop in Parker Hall.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any campus buildings or on any campus grounds.
  • Do not tape down the locks, modify the door locks, or prop the doors to allow unauthorized access or bypass campus security measures.

Fire Code Compliance

  • New York State fire code precludes the use of extension cords and multi-cord adapters in state buildings for long term use. Instead, please use a surge protector if you need to extend power to your studio desk—daisy-chaining of surge protectors is not allowed.
  • Debris needs to be discarded consistently; do not pile it up in studios, waiting for the end of the term cleanout.
  • All hallways must remain clear of combustible materials to allow proper egress in emergencies.
  • Fire extinguishers are not to be obstructed or obscured from view.
  • If portable heaters are used, they must include an anti-tip feature that turns them off if they are tipped over.
  • If your studio has sprinkler or steam pipes, do not hang anything from them as this violates fire code.

Furniture Matters

  • Extra furniture is generally located in Crosby 104, Crosby 206, Crosby 306 and outside of Hayes 40 and can be retrieved as needed by individual studios.
  • If something breaks or some element of the studio, classroom, lavatory or building needs attention, email bruce@buffalo.edu with the details so that it can be fixed.

Swipe System

  • During the COVID-19 Pandemic, all buildings will be locked to limit outsider access, with swipe cards required to access the buildings.
  • If your card is replaced, access rights will automatically be updated the next day. Students encountering issues should see IT Services in Hayes 326 to have them resolved.


  • Call the Safety Shuttle at 829-2584 for shuttle rides to your car or off campus residence with 1.5 miles of UB.
  • If you get locked out of your studio at night, please call Campus Police at 645-2222 to have them contact UB Facilities to open the room as arrangements have been made for them to have keys. Please note that depending on other campus activities, the response may take a while.


  • Facility Repairs, Concerns or Issues: 829-3335; bruce@buffalo.edu
  • Security and Emergencies: 645-2222