Studio Culture Policy Statement

The Department of Architecture in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo – the State University of New York acts in accordance with the NAAB studio policy requirement. Therefore, all studio faculty and/or departmental administrators agree to:

  • Provide students with a syllabus that complies with the University at Buffalo syllabus guidelines, and includes a studio description, objectives, evaluation methods, and grading policies.
  • Encourage students to lead balanced lives. This includes regular sleep and exercise, healthy eating habits, and breaks for non-architecture related endeavors.
  • Assist students in developing effective time management strategies.
  • Integrate knowledge and information acquired in other architecture courses in studio, when possible.
  • Integrate knowledge and information acquired in other disciplines in studio, when possible.
  • Encourage collaboration both within the studio, and, when appropriate, outside of the studio.
  • Provide guidance to new instructors on studio curriculum development.
  • In addition to existing guidance and grievance procedures, the department will establish an ombudsman group, comprised of UB architecture alumni, to act on behalf of students who are having difficulty with studio culture. All concerns expressed to this group will be kept in confidence unless otherwise expressed by the student.
  • Foster a constructive atmosphere in design reviews that promotes critical dialogue between students and reviewers.
  • Promote theories, research, and experiences that increase students' awareness of multi-cultural issues.
Approved by the voting faculty of the University at Buffalo Department of Architecture: 4/2005.