Adapting the Master’s Project to an MUP Specialization

Students must demonstrate, before they graduate, that they have prepared a piece of independent work in our program that demonstrates topical knowledge, ability to apply ideas, and research capability related to the specialization or advanced certificate.   They do this by writing a master’s project or master’s thesis related to their specialization (or to the advanced certificate). For students who are writing an academic thesis, the thesis will almost always be related to the specialization.  Most students prepare a final professional project (URP 697) also relating to their specialization.

URP 697, Masters Project, has requirements set by its instructor.  Your course instructor may give you a good grade on your professional project, but that does not guarantee that the project will count toward the specialization.  To make sure that your thesis or professional project counts toward your specialization, you will have to get the Specialization Director’s signed approval.