Annual Report and Plan


The School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo is committed to supporting its faculty in their pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and service. To amplify the collective success of our outstanding faculty, the school has a capacity-building approach to foster alignments of departmental missions, faculty obligations, individual goals, and the deployment of resources (facilities, human resources, funds, etc.). A critical step is faculty members and research staff providing annual reports and plans of teaching, research, and service to their department chair. These documents, in turn, are shared with the dean and the associate dean for research and inclusive excellence to inform decisions.

Individual annual reports and plans (ARPs) have three parts:

  • Addendum A: CV updated to December 31
  • Addendum B: a summary of accomplishments and impacts in 2023
  • Addendum C: goals for the 2024 calendar year and beyond, as well as supports that would be helpful in achieving these goals
  • Addendum D: mentoring

A template for reporting accomplishments and goals is below. Faculty report only their top three accomplishments in each of the areas of teaching, research, and service; top three goals in each of these areas; and the supports needed to achieve these goals.

ARPs are to be submitted by all tenured, tenure-track, research, and clinical faculty. Faculty appointments come with varied teaching, research, and service responsibilities, which may change over time. Individuals are to complete annual reports and plans based on the nature of their appointments.


ARPs and faculty CVs are to be submitted via the links below no later than January 20, 2024.


  1. The Annual Report and Plan pages are password protected. Please use your UB login credentials in order to access the form.
  2. You can "SAVE AND RESUME LATER" the form at any time but you MUST follow the directions and save / use the link provided; otherwise your progress will be lost.