Collage of derelict industrial building parts, with trees, and interspersed with luxurious furnishings.

Throughout the studio, Michael Hoover drew inspiration from Ricardo Bofill and his design techniques. The art of collaging seemed to best represent how he created spaces by chance and unconscious thinking. Through adaptive re-use, Bofill was able to re-imagine as- ound spaces. In this way, form and function were disassociated.



Michael Hoover



ARC 502, Spring 2018


MArch – 3.5 Year

Hoover used casting techniques to create solid-void inversions which capture the abnormal spaces found in Bofill’s Fabrica, and allow for an abstract and tactile spatial analysis. The newly casted spaces act as containers for a seminary that can be re-occupied, and create an evocative air of uncertainty in their arrangement.

I found a freedom in just making instead of thinking.

- Michael Hoover, MArch