Nesting Balasana

Interlocking grid of cross shaped wood panels.

Lukas Fetzko developed Nesting Balasana with Jo Nedergaard and Andreas Thiis in Spring 2018 during an exchange program at the School of Architecture– Arkitektskolen i Aarhus–in Aarhus, Denmark. This project was designed as a physical translation and exploration of the yoga pose balasana, inspired by the transitions between the posture’s use of the body, mind, and breath.



Lukas Fetzko (UB)
Jo Nedergaard (ASoA)
Andreas Thiis (ASoA)


Jan Buthke (ASoA)
Bob Trempe (ASoA)


Arkitektskolen i Aarhus, Spring 2018


Aarhus Exchange

By focusing on an awareness of the body and mind, the “nest” encourages introspection, contemplation, and mindfulness. In this way, the team believed that they could help users create stronger connections with their chakras, ultimately helping people become more balanced, peaceful, and present.

The team applied parametric modeling techniques to explore possibilities within the limit of their 2x2 meter site. They designated ample time to optimizing the production process, maximizing the efficiency in terms of both machine use and assembly. The slots in each module allowed for loose connections within a single layer as well as a tight, strong connection as additional layers put pressure on the ones below.

I am extremely interested in the action – reaction aspect of space, the unknown or serendipitous, and the ability for unfamiliar or unexpected situations to force us to make decisions.

- Lukas Fetzko, MArch

Fetzko is inspired in particular by the relationship between space and nature. His interests within the fields of architecture and design lie within the unknown and the action/reaction aspect of space, how unfamiliar and unexpected situations play a strong hand in decision making, the history of spaces, and the ability for spaces to change and take on new meanings over time.