Poetry Square

Tall square space with large text on wall: "Poetry is the rhythmical".

Leticia Avila developed Poetry Square as a theoretical addition to the University at Buffalo’s library system on the South Campus. By both positioning it in front Abbott Hall and elevating the main floor, the project preserves the integrity of the campus’ main axis. The building would house a special poetry collection and act as a nest, shelter, library, and museum.



Leticia Avila



ARC 503, Fall 2018


MArch – 3.5 Year

Avila was heavily influenced by people, community, and, more specifically, integration. After visiting Brazil last year, she became inspired by Lina Bo Bardi’s Museum of Modern Art of São Pauo (MASP) and its tactics for creating public space. Avila is very interested in the possibilities within architecture, planning, and design that can improve cities and create better quality of life. Both in life and in Architecture, Avila is attracted to the simple, the practical, the pure, and the real, and she tries to let those ideas reflect in her designs.

The ultimate goal is to give back to the community the space borrowed ...

- Leticia Avila, MArch