Snapping Facade

This dynamic facade system creates a star shaped pattern of light screens that can shield large areas of glass.

Jin Young Song's award winning concept seeks to bridge the gap between traditional, uninspiring building envelops and energy-hungry dynamic shading designs.

By using weakening-induced bands tied within the elastic threshold, Snapping Façade has the ability to produce a “snap” deformation with the minimal stimulus. This ease of movement creates a playful experience for the user, as well as saves energy compared to other “dynamic” building envelopes which require energy in order to operate, adding to an already sky-high energy consumption for many buildings.

“Snapping Façade” took first place at the Architect’s Newspaper’s 2017 AN Best of Design Awards in the research category. Song's related project Snapping Light Surface has also drawn attention, tying for third place in the LG OLED Light Design Award in the space design category,



Project engineer

Jongmin Shim  

Research team

William Baptiste
Jing Jiang
Hakcheol Seo
Andrew Koudlai