Snapping Light Surface

A novel star shaped pattern of screens can be opened and closed, emitting a gentle light.

Jin Young Song's “Snapping Light Surface" tied for third place in the LG OLED Light Design Award in the space design category—which judges designs based on their incorporation of “life,” the LG “Human-Centric Care and Empathy” philosophy, flexibility, and creativity.

Designed in collaboration with Jongmin Shim, UB professor of structural engineering, “Snapping Light Surface” utilizes similar snapping technology to Song's Snapping Facade to explore the integration of flexible OLEDs and snapping motions as an alternative to building envelope applications. 

Snapping Light Surface contains an OLED attached to the inside surfaces of the two bands, and stretching fabric is installed inside the module. The motion associated light surface turns walls into dynamic spaces that respond to the human operator. Eventually, the potential of the snapping bands will be explored using materials such as patterned metals, plastics, and wood veneers. The membrane between the bands needs to be tested through metal origami, fabric, and other hybrid methods to find the optimal folding mechanism.



Project engineer

Jongmin Shim