Behind the scenes of See It Through Buffalo

Video narrative on the School of Architecture and Planning's See It Through Buffalo documentary on the relationship of the school with its city

Published July 20, 2018 This content is archived.

Hear from film's director and the creative team behind See It Through Buffalo, a film about a school shaping, and shaped by, its city. The documentary is on view in Venice as part of the international Time Space Existence exhibition.

This film gives us a chance to share Buffalo with the world. What people find is a more complex city than they might have realized.

 - Gregory Delaney, UB professor of architecture and director of See It Through Buffalo, in a video interview on the film

See It Through Buffalo was produced by Paget Films and directed by Gregory Delaney, clinical assistant professor of architecture at the School of Architecture and Planning, in association with faculty and students. View full film credits

"The exhibition shows some of Buffalo's best and most challenging conditions. Every segment of the film describes some aspect of our scholarship of our learning and our fully engaged work in the community, not as a promotion but as an inquiry. How do we bring a city not back to what it was but what it needs to be in the future?"

- Dean Robert Shibley

Robert Shibley.

Robert Shibley, at the See It Through Buffalo exhibition in Venice. Photo by Plane-Site

"There are a lot of questions about how to rethink the City of Buffalo in the 21st century. We have these sights that are kind of asking for some kind of intervention in some way. So the City of Buffalo drives us as a school, but then we in turn are driving the city."

- Greg Delaney

Greg Delaney.

Greg Delaney, on site at the See It Through Buffalo exhibition in Venice. Photo by Plane-Site

"Buffalo has had its ebbs and flows but I think we're in this space of revitalization, where there's a lot of pride for Buffalo and a lot of passion to be building, making."

- Kalyn Faller (Architecture BS '18)

Robert Shibley.

Kalyn Faller at the exhibition in Venice