The Exhibition

The School of Architecture and Planning's installation at Palazzo Bembo in Venice, for the opening of Time Space Existence at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Photo by Gregory Delaney

Along with ~30 other architecture and planning schools worldwide, the Global Art Affairs Foundation and the European Cultural Centre invited the University at Buffalo to participate in an international exhibit, Time Space Existence, run in parallel to the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. The exhibition brings together more than 200 architects, artists and universities from around the world to provoke conversation on the most pressing challenges facing the discipline today. The school was recognized in its invitation for rooting design and planning education in research and intensive engagement with its host region.

The 15-minute documentary short is a pensive-yet-hopeful, intrepid-yet-candid glimpse of our city, and a bold visual expression of the history of the city and the work of our faculty and students. See it Through Buffalo offers an experience of the iconic and everyday sights and sounds of place, from wind turbines alongside abandoned industry, to the machines of new industry, to the delight of children at play in new urban landscapes. The immersive experience features a full-wall projection and a custom score by the award-winning Canadian composer Eli Bennett. 

Ciao Buffalo!

Read AtBuffalo magazine's feature coverage of the School of Architecture and Planning's documentary film and experience at this prestigious exhibition in Venice.

  • Our team
    Creative direction for the project was provided by UB architecture faculty members Gregory Delaney, who served as director of the film and curator of the overall exhibit; and Korydon Smith, assistant director and assistant curator. For the production of the documentary, the school worked with local filmmaker John Paget.  
  • Behind the scenes
    See it Through Buffalo stitches together a story of school and city as told by the sights and sounds of Buffalo, and of our students at work on campus and in the community.
  • Student involvement
    In addition to providing creative support in the development of the school's exhibit, students participated in several workshops and events organized in Venice throughout the six-month exhibition. To date, programs have sent students to Venice for the exhibition opening, a two-week study abroad program, and faculty-led workshops on international issues in urbanism. 
  • Support from the community
    Support for the School of Architecture and Planning and See It Through Buffalo is made possible by donations from over 100 individuals and organizations.