Master of Urban Planning

Master of Urban Planning student present their neighborhood plans to a group of community organizers.

Today the world is reexamining the interaction of human settlements and place in the context of complex challenges such as climate change, rapid urbanization and a global crisis in public health. In creating the policies and tools that shape our environment, urban planners are central to the development of sustainable and enriching places for all. 

UB’s nationally accredited Master of Urban Planning program is built around practice-based learning and research that tackles every urban planning challenge you can imagine. Our shared drive to build a better world engages real projects and communities, from the most challenged neighborhoods of Buffalo, NY, to Africa, India, and the Caribbean Islands.

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Duration of Study

Cost of Study

  • Domestic: $5,655 - $12,130
  • International: $12,130

*per semester tuition rates and does not include fees

Admissions requirements

  • Application fee: $75
  • No GRE required
Students gather in studio.

Student Life

Student's stand along side their homemade canoes before launching them into the Buffalo River on a sunny day.

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The two-year professional degree combines practical experience and boundary-pushing research through a core curriculum of studios, general electives, colloquia, and a culminating professional thesis or project. Seminars and studios investigate sustainable development, environmental policies, ecology, environmental design, economics, natural resources, sociology, and anthropology. The program also explores sustainability through the lens of environmental design, ethical considerations, and economics. 

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