MUP - The Program

The curriculum of any vital and dynamic program will change from time to time. The description which follows below applies to students entering the program in Fall 2021, and may differ for students entering in other semesters.

All enrolled graduate students should have in their possession an original copy of the curriculum they must satisfy based upon their date of matriculation. Copies of each student's required curriculum are sent to all students before they enter the program, are distributed again during graduate student orientation, and an official copy is placed in each student's file in the department. 

  • The curriculum varies depending upon the students’ entry into the program. Students usually enter the MUP program in the fall semester, although entry in the spring semester is an option.
  • The program encourages full-time study; however, students may pursue their degree part-time.
  • Students may apply to waive a required course based on prior coursework.

As you look at our program, you will notice that some courses are labeled “practicum” which has the same meaning as “studio”.

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We accept and review applications on a continual basis throughout the year.
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Academic Standing

Students must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 to remain in academic good standing. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for successful completion of the MUP degree.


Develop versatile skills with our courses: focused, practical, and relevant

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  • Students may choose from graduate courses offered within the department.
  • They may also apply for up to 3 credits of URP 545 (Internship) and up to 3 credits of URP 599 (Independent Study). No more than 3 credits of internship and 3 credits of independent study may be applied to the MUP.     
  • As part of their academic program, students may complete one Internship course.  It is expected that the internship be an unpaid experience.  Students are responsible for finding an appropriate site for their internship and must recruit a faculty advisor to oversee the internship.   Students must submit an internship proposal form to the department chair for approval.
  • You are allowed to take up to 6 credits outside the department.  Be sure the course content is relevant to planning. If you are unsure, ask for written permission from the department chair.