Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation

Graduate students in URP 529: Recording Place: Field Methods in Historic Preservation course exploring architectural styles in Buffalo’s historic Linwood neighborhood.

Graduate students in URP529: Documentation and Field Methods course exploring architectural styles and physical environmental conditions in Buffalo’s historic Linwood neighborhood.

The advanced certificate in Historic Preservation focuses on the historic built environment in an urban context, and gives students the tools necessary to understand how to preserve it. Historic preservation is fundamental to the work of architects and urban planners as communities around the globe increasingly look to conserve and creatively reuse their historic resources, which can be architectural, urban, cultural, and archaeological. This specialization and certificate engages the material fabric of our rich cultural past, by involving students in the knowledge of our urban and architectural histories, the craft and technical methods of preservation and sustainable design, and the development of supportive policy and planning tools.

Interim Director 

Kerry Traynor

Please Note:

If you are interested in becoming a professional historic preservationist, you may wish to review the Secretary of the Interior's requirements, which include a combination of education and experience.


Meet the Historic Preservation Affiliated Faculty

  • Kerry Traynor
    Director of Graduate Programs and Historic Preservation - Department of Urban and Regional Planning - Hayes Hall 237 - 716-829-5885
  • Hiroaki Hata
    Associate Professor Hiroaki Hata’s research and creative work focuses on the design, history, theory and criticism of urban structures and community development.
  • Erkin Özay
    Erkin Özay investigates how institutional settings and urban interventions can serve as shelters from the structural inequities that burden the lives of vulnerable urban communities. He is assistant professor and director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Architecture.

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