MUP - Meet our Faculty

Combining a depth of experience in the profession and academy, our faculty are international thought leaders and influencers in fields such as food systems planning, climate resilience, global health equity, urban design, transportation planning and policy, and historic preservation. Passionate educators and mentors, our faculty engage students directly in their research and community-engaged work. 

  • Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah
    Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah, associate professor of urban and regional planning, is a prolific scholar with interests in water governance and determinations of the appropriate institutional frameworks for dealing with water issues.
  • Kelly Gregg
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Urban and Regional Planning
    231 Hayes Hall
    (716) 829-3520
  • Hiroaki Hata
    Associate Professor Hiroaki Hata’s research and creative work focuses on the design, history, theory and criticism of urban structures and community development.
  • Daniel B. Hess
    Professor Daniel Hess's research is addressing interactions between housing, transportation, land use, and other public concerns. He develops new pathways for understanding the complex socio-economic and ethnic landscape of cities and spatial inequalities. He also explores equal access to resources from urban neighborhoods, focusing especially on the changes in gay neighborhoods and the LGBTQ+ population diffuses to other metropolitan locations.
  • Alexandra Judelsohn
    Assistant Professor - Department of Urban and Regional Planning - 218 Hayes Hall - (716) 829-5878
  • Jordana Maisel
    Jordana Maisel works at the intersection of research, teaching and practice as assistant professor of urban planning and research director for the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDEA Center).
  • Camden Miller
    Clinical Professor - Department of Urban and Regional Planning
    Director of Operations and Project Management - Rudy Bruner Center for Urban Excellence - 201 Hayes Hall - 716-829-6911
  • Kate Nelischer
    Kate Nelischer joined the School of Architecture and Planning in 2022 as assistant professor of urban planning, bringing research and teaching experience that will foster connections across real estate development and urban planning in the study of smart cities and planning and development governance.
  • JiYoung Park
    Associate Professor JiYoung Park’s research interests are urban economics and transportation modeling as applied to natural and man-made environmental and security problems.
  • Samina Raja
    Samina Raja is an international expert in planning and policy for sustainable food systems and healthy communities. She is professor of urban planning, principal investigator of UB's Food Lab and associate dean for research and inclusive excellence.
  • Matthew Roland
    Matthew Roland, AICP, is the assistant dean for the real estate development program and clinical assistant professor. Matt has over 20 years of real estate experience, working on real estate and planning projects in most municipalities in Western New York and in over 20 states.
  • Robert Shibley
    SUNY Distinguished Professor
    Director, Rudy Bruner Center for Urban Excellence
    Rudy Bruner Chair in Urban Excellence
    Senior Fellow, UB Regional Institute
    School of Architecture and Planning
  • Robert Silverman
    Robert Silverman applies urban planning to the study of the non-profit sector, the role of community-based organizations in urban neighborhoods, education reform, shrinking cities, and inequality in inner city housing markets.
  • Ernest Sternberg
    Professor Sternberg studies the relationship between planning theory and planning practice and has strong interests in the intellectual history of planning thought.
  • Henry Louis Taylor, Jr.
    Professor - Department of Urban and Regional Planning - Hayes Hall 330A - (716) 829-5458
  • Kerry Traynor
    Director of Graduate Programs and Historic Preservation - Department of Urban and Regional Planning - Hayes Hall 237 - 716-829-5885
  • Li Yin
    Associate Professor - Department of Urban and Regional Planning - Hayes Hall 331 - (716) 829-5883